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Putting the Neighbor Back in the Hood (PTNBH) started in 1996 as a community walk and has now expanded to a weekend of events geared towards celebrating the neighbors and community around Masjid Nu’Man.  The concept was brought forth by W. Deen Mohammed after realizing many of our neighborhoods had lost the concept of a “good neighbor” and were now just known as the “hood”. 

Celebrating Muslims and non-Muslims alike, PTNBH has been recognized and awarded by the mayor and city of Buffalo for improving community relationships.  Now over two decades strong, PTNBH has become a staple in the Fillmore district and continues to grow every year.

To take out an ad for this year's event (taking place August 5th, 2017), please clink the link below to the printable form.

2017 Ad Form

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2016 Ad Journal