Ramadan Update - Fasting will begin 5/17/18

Assalumu Alaikum Dear Believers,

The Black Moon (New Moon) was reported born at 7:38 a.m. this morning (May 15th.) The viewing of the new moon is not visible in our region at this time. The new moon becomes visible 24-32 hours after it’s birth.  We will have a conference call late tomorrow evening 12 midnight (May 16th) when we anticipate the moon of Ramadan would have already been sighted.

This is in accordance with Qur’an and the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (saw) to begin the month of Ramadan “when the moon is sighted.” If there is no confirmed sighting (if it is obstructed because of clouds, etc.) due to the length of hours already passed, its birth will be confirmation of new moon. Ramadan always starts at night (Laitul Qadr - Night of Power) and the next morning (in this case Thursday, May 17th) will begin the days of Fasting, Inshallah. We will send notices out as well as leave message on Masjid telephone 716-892-1332.

We will update the website with the prayer schedule, iftar schedule, and much more information to help this month be a success for everyone.  Please stay in tuned with the website, and please remember we are looking for everyone to pledge donations towards the $15,000 fundraiser for Masjid repairs and a chair lift for seniors. Our goal is to have collected this amount by the end of Ramadan, Inshallah!  

In closing let us be reminded that Allah does not want to implore difficulties upon us and wants us to complete the fast 2:185. May Allah extend to you all, a Blessed Ramadan!